How to travel cheap in Europe: Quit Your job and start your adventure.

This is a book for you if:

  • You want to quit your job and travel around Europe.
  • You don’t know how to plan your trip.
  • You want hacks for cheap travel.

If you are not inspired to travel in the first 30 minutes of reading, I’ll refund your money.



I can send you the first chapter for free. I’ll just need your email:

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How to travel cheap in Europe – Review

It doesn’t matter your age. As long as you can carry your backpack, you can travel.

Most of the books will give you tips for cheap travel or improving your wellness.

Never both.

I will help you discover that to improve your wellness, you need to travel, And you can do it cheaply.

Start your adventure around the world.


Table of Contents

  1.  Making the decision.
    1.1.1 Money. Always money.
    1.1.2 About planning budgets.
    1.2 What if I am crazy?
    1.3 The best age to travel.
  2. Getting ready.
    2.1 The one way ticket.
    2.2 Your backpack.
    2.2.1 Packing your backpack.
    2.2.2 So, which books?
    2.3 Do you need a visa?
    2.4 Your itinerary.
    2.4.1 I should hate Barcelona.
    2.4.2 Your return ticket.
    2.4.3 Where to go?
    2.5 Quiting your job.
    2.6 Get a hobby.
    2.7 Renting your home.
  3. Traveling cheap.
    3.1 Accommodation.
    3.1.1 Cheap accommodation.
    3.1.2 Free accommodation. Couch Surfing About camping. The old friend.
    3.2 Free Internet everywhere.
    3.3 Cheap mobile.
    3.4 Transportation.
    3.4.1 Inside of the city. Bike. Train or Bus. Walk Forrest, walk.
    3.4.2 Outside of the city. Car Pooling. Bus. Train. Hitchhiking. Low Cost Airlines.
    3.5 Food.
    3.5.1 Cooking for yourself.
    3.5.2 The Burger King trick.
    3.5.3 Restaurants.
    3.6 Parties.
    3.7 Museums.
  4. Returning home.
    4.1 Inspiration? Yes please.
    4.2 Still stuck?
    4.2 Where to go now.
    4.3 Let’s keep in touch.
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