Top Tal: Is the oasis for developers in front of me?

Escrito por Emmanuel Orozco el 25 mayo , 2015

I have been working as a freelance web developer for 4 years. It’s been a crazy road.

I started doing a website for my neighbour. Then working for web development agencies, (in person work, where remote work is Satanized). Then searching a job on freelance websites like Elance.

Once I tried the freelance option, I felt in love with the idea.

  • You dont have an shedule. As long as you know and breath the dead-line.
  • No more trafic in the city. Since you can work from home, you can open your computer and start making money

And I can go on..

I invite you guys to try it.

It is really cool. I love my work.

But there is a down-side that I don’t like that much:

Look for the right clients.

Clients with the right budget.

I don’t mind having to orient my client what’s the best technology to use, but I want to get paid appropriately. That’s something that is not always done.

Then I discovered this awesome website called Toptal.

They promise to hire only the 3% of the appliers. That’s challenging.

If they are limited developers, then it means that the clients are less frustrated looking for the right developer and more focused on their idea. That’s awesome.

I just applied today.

I ‘ll keep you guys updated.

Que opinas?